Please be advised that the following guidelines are not intended as legal advice and adherence to these guidelines does not necessarily constitute legal compliance. Without prejudice to other rights we may have, we reserve the right to remove any Content that, in our sole discretion, violates these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Capitalised terms and expressions used in these guidelines shall have the same meanings given to them under the BBM Terms of Service (accessible at, unless otherwise stated herein or the context otherwise requires;

1. General

  1. You are entirely responsible for ensuring that the Content you transmit, publish, upload, post, distribute, disseminate, communicate, display or otherwise make available (whether authorised by you or not) on or through the Channels (including your posts, advertisements and promotions) (“Channel Content”) comply with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and industry codes.
  2. Without limiting the foregoing, if the Channel Content is intended only for users who are of a specific age or older, or who reside in a particular jurisdiction, but you are not able to verify or determine the age or jurisdiction of the users who may access or use such Channel Content, you may not display such Channel Content to any users. Although we may provide controls to assist with this, we make no representations regarding the sufficiency of any controls provided, and you are ultimately responsible for establishing legally compliant restrictions for each country where the Channel Content is displayed.
  3. BBM Channels is intended to permit Channel administrators to post and display Content that is relevant to the brand, organization, event or personality which is the subject matter of the relevant Channels. A Channel may not be used to display third party advertising and you may not rent, lease or otherwise make available your Channel for such purposes.
  4. The Channel Content must not false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive in nature or content.
  5. If the Channel Content includes a link to a web site, the products or services promoted in such Channel Content must be clearly represented on the landing page for such site, and the link must not lead to a phishing site, malware or to other harmful code or sites, or to a site from which the user cannot easily navigate away.
  6. The Channel Content must not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights.
  7. Without prejudice to paragraph 1.c above, the Channel Content must not include advertising or links to third party content for the purpose of generating revenue from affiliate or other forms of performance-based marketing.
  8. The Channel Content must not imply any affiliation or partnership with CMW or any other members of the CMW Group of Companies without express written authorization.


2. Restricted Content

The Channel Content must not include or promote any of the following:
  1. Adult content, including adult or pornographic magazines, books, images, films or other material featuring nudity, partial nudity or sexual content.
  2. Hate, violence, bullying or discriminatory content, including:
    1. Advocating against an individual or protected group based on race or ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, political association, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity;
    2. Violence against people or animals, or self-harm or related content;
    3. Organizations or individuals promoting hate, criminal or terrorist-related acts or content; or
    4. Bullying and harassment, such as frequent, targeted, and unwanted posts and comments focused on an individual.
  3. Alcohol, tobacco, weapons or gambling, except where permitted by applicable law, and only in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, guidelines, licenses and approvals, and only if such Channel Content can be restricted to users of required age and jurisdiction.
  4. Illegal or recreational drugs or drug accessories.
  5. Illegal products or services, or products and services that infringe upon the rights of a third party or the privacy or other applicable data protection rights of an individual.
  6. Software that contains in whole or in part spyware or malware, or that results in an unexpected, deceptive or unfair user experience.